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Retreat Budget

Conptemplating Entering The Blogging World Again. Until Then Here Is A Budget Worksheet For Retreats…

Category Specifics Amount

Retreat Venue:
Cost to Rent Camp, Hotel Rooms, etc.

Speaker and Band:
Speaker and Band Honorarium
Speaker and Band Transportation
Speaker and Band Lodging
Speaker and Band Gift Baskets
Speaker and Band Meals
Speaker and Band Water

General Transportation:
Gas for Drivers (those not riding bus)
U-Haul (Luggage and Equipment)
Gas for U-Haul
Gas for Vans
Gas for Set-up/Tear-down Team
Gas for Errands

General Food:
Food for Retreat
Food for Set-up/Tear-down Team

Discussion & Small Group Gatherings:
Discussion Book Paper and Printing
Disucussion Guides Paper and Printing
Discussion Book Envelopes and Supplies
Brown Bag Supplies (Discussion Group Supplies)
CD’s and Paper Sleeves (Music for Environment)

Technical and Performing Arts:
Light, Sound and Media Rentals
Cords, Batteries, Video Tapes, Gaffers Tape, Etc.
Retreat Skit/Drama Props
Electrician/Other Skilled Labor

Set Design:
Foam Board, Paint and Supplies
Black Plastic Tarp

Paper and Printing of Flyers
VIP Night
Promo Registration Booth and Skit Props

Posterboard, Tape, Etc.
Paper, Paper and More Paper (Permission Slips, Profile Forms, Covenant Handouts, Job Descriptions, Schedules, Etc.)
Misc. Supplies (Notebooks, Folders, Pencils, Etc.)

First Aid Kit
Trash Bags and Cleaning Supplies
Game Supplies

Grand Total:
Cost Per Student (Divide Grand Total by Expected Amt. of Paying (NOT ACTUAL) students):