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Interview Questions

A friend just emailed me seeking advice on some of the questions we thought he should ask in an interview process. The top things that came to my head are below. I would probably word some more carefully and make sure I wasn’t just firing the questions at them (i.e. use a more conversational approach), but the bottom line of some of the basic things I would want to know is there.

1. What does a thriving youth ministry look like to you?
2. Tell me about the person that was in this position previously. Regarding what he/she did, what did you like and what do you wish they would have done more of?
3. What are your strengths? What are some areas that maybe you not so strong in that I could help with when it comes to leading the church?
4. What would a true armor bearer for you look like?
5. What’s your vision for this church?
6. What’s your dream team to accomplish the vision look like?
7. When it comes to the church, what are you most proud of? Excited about?
8. Find out the leadership structure. Is it a one-man show or are there a significant number of volunteer teams?
9. When it comes to discipling and training your staff, what does that look like to you?
10. What are your pet-peeves when it comes to your staff?
11. What do you feel the role of spouses is? How much are they expected to be involved?
12. I am a harder worker and go above and beyond, but how many hours do you expect me to put in each week? How many nights, on average, do you anticipate I will be away from my family each week (i.e. at church)? (I would probably word it differently than that, but get the answer somehow)
13. Beyond youth ministry, what other responsibilities would I have?
14. Financially, how is the church doing? Has the recession resulted in any major budget cutbacks or layoffs? (If the job is going to require a significant move, I would ask a whole bunch of financial questions)

Secretly, I would figure out how long other staff have been there. If they have a high turnover rate, something is up. If it doesn’t feel too uncomfortable and someone was in the position previously, I would ask if I could contact them. I would also ask if I could sit down and talk with the current volunteer team to get a pulse on the ministry/church.