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It’s A Lot Of Hard Work

God is doing some amazing work in and through the Cadre. If I sat down and told you the story, you’d think “Wow, that is so God and so good.” While it’s Jeanne’s ministry, the pictures and strategy God has deposited in my head and heart are undeniabley detailed and clear. The pieces of the puzzle He has ochestrated in my life blow my mind. I honestly believe it’s going to change the nation. I call it a “new kind of revival.”

I think people long for that … the visions, the dreams, the impact. However, in all it’s beauty, it’s a lot of hard work. A lot … a lot! And, I think that’s where the bump in the road lies for many. Things in ministry don’t typically “just happen.” God puts His super on our natural and His extra in our ordinary to make things supernaturally extraordinary. But, I don’t know of a successful ministry that has ever “successfully” bypassed the hard work. Even with MANY workers, as we are fortuate to have, it’s still A LOT of hard work because people are messy, teams are messy, churches are messy and leadership is messy. God knew it, but said “they’re worth it.” WHAT DO YOU SAY?

Ok, let’s try this again.

Evidently I wasn’t meant to live in the city. So, here is the new house I just dropped a bid on, along with $1,000 earnest money.

Trying to buy a house during the busiest season of work is the not my smoothest move. It makes it very difficult to concentrate, but I am excited. I might just finish the lower level and use the main floor for a basketball court, it’s ceilings are more than high enough and defitinely a good 3/4 court.