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Ahhhhh … vacation

I just got back yesterday from 4 days at Hilton Head. Here are my reflections…

1. 2 months ago, the week I spent moving my niece out to Orange County was definitely not a vacation. The 35 hours in the car, 47 gazillion emails and texts to launch a new ministry long distance and countless all-nighters before, just left me beat and a little on the angry side (at one point almost launched my cell into the sea).

However, 4 days at Hilton Head with little cell reception and being too cheap to pay for internet access at the Marriott was good for the soul. I think I tweeted once the whole time. The vacation from social networks was more important than I care to admit.

2. It took until day 3 to truly rest, which means I probably should have stayed 7-10 days and not 4. Good to note for future. The call to pay an extra $25 a night to stay oceanside was well worth it for the porch alone.

3. I am vacationing again in late August and am spending a couple of days alone at Manowe with Jesus first. Then, celebrating my mom’s 72nd birthday. Time with both growing more important to me with each passing day.

4. When I lose perspective, time away helps me to find it again. I truly believe my greatest days are ahead.

5. My continual reflection and prayer was/is to master being “for people” regardless of the surrounding circumstances. Reading The 4:8 Principle during vacation was a HUGE help.

6. The crazy stuff that washes up on shore each morning makes me not want to swim in the ocean. Watching the crab feast on the dead jelly fish was cool and discusting at the same time. The baby sand sharks were cute on the end of a fishing line, but probably wouldn’t be if I stepped on one or had it cruise by me while swimming.

7. Napping is an essential ingrediant when it comes to vacation.