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Vision Casting Day

It was a vision casting day today…
Cast vision for another Back2Back Mexico Mission Trip this morning
Cast vision for Cadre and Youth Leaders Coach this afternoon
Cast vision for some random things at the church board meeting tonight
In between tried to teach the 3rd years MC students a point or two. I’ve got a new line when I’m speaking to the masses and want the 3rd years to take note. I like it.

This week and last week was totally devoted to ramping up the new Cadre and preparing for the YLC board meeting next week. In addition to the 50 second years, we have 85 first year Cadre members representing 29 states. You want to know the power of a life one person who wields his influence? We have 8 youth pastors coming from Oklahoma! That’s a big deal.

5 Alabama
2 Arkansas
1 Arizona
2 California
1 Connecticut
6 Florida
6 Georgia
1 Illinois
5 Indiana
1 Louisiana
3 Michigan
1 Minnesota
2 Missouri
2 Mississippi
3 Montana
1 North Carolina
3 New Jersey
3 New Mexico
1 Nevada
2 New York
3 Ohio
8 Oklahoma
2 Pennsylvania
2 South Carolina
2 Tennessee
10 Texas
4 Virginia
2 Washington
1 Wisconson

Random 2 a.m. thoughts

Blogging seems to be down all around … especially on mine. But, it’s 2 a.m. and I’m in the mood (or maybe I’m just avoiding reviewing the financials for the board meeting tomorrow). Did you ever feel like you were on the edge of something and the very next step was going to take you into unchartered waters? That’s where I am. I’ve got 15 lives depending, in part, on me to prepare them in a big way for their next step in ministry. I’ve got thoughts, plans and dreams … yet nervous that I won’t live up to the expectations, not their expectations but my own. The juggling act of Cadre, Sunday School Teacher, Middle School Director, Children’s Ministry Oversight, Financial Analyst, Youth Leader’s Coach and 3rd Ministry Enrichment Director leaves me wondering if success will be possible or elusive.

I’m well aware I will have to be more focused and intentional than my life has ever required. I think I’m up for it … I hope my three Master’s Commission Assistants are too. I’m on day 24 of a 40 day JuDaniel fast (Judy’s pathetic version of Daniel’s fast) in preparation for it. I’ve told some of the MC students that I’ve declared that this year will be the greatest year of my life. Hopefully by day 40 (or 365), I will have figured out why those words even came out of my mouth.

Jeanne Mayo

The queen of youth ministry has FINALLY entered the blogging world … she is already making her mark here.


Seldom am I moved to tears, but when I was home, it was truly a kiss from Jesus. I saw a number of people, including a bunch of my Oasis kids at Chris’ house. It was truly a testimony of the beauty that unfolds when you stick around long enough to see it. Only God could have brought out of those middle school years of utter awkwardness what I witnessed.

Kira had a rocky pre-adolescent time to say the least. The incredible, gentle young lady she’s become is completely mouth-dropping. I’m sure she is not without teenage drama, but wow she is amazing! Plus, the beauty in which she reads and writes is a sight to behold.

Whitney, where in the world did that amazing voice come from? The girl doesn’t even need a musical instrument to back her up. Some might think, “Judy you’re just being nice.” Nope, I say what I mean and mean what I say. As a 15 year old, I’d put her voice on any stage. I was sooo stunned, I told her if she did two trimesters with a “B” average, I would give her my Baby Taylor. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but at the same time felt compelled to invest in her future. Watch out world.

Watching Scotty play guitar is an art form all to itself. Words cannot describe it, only seeing it does it justice. Seriously, I’m without words just thinking about it.

Neil is the self-proclaimed perfect child. If there ever was one, he would be the poster child for it. He’s kind, a servant, and as smart as all get out. He dreams big dreams and I’m pretty confident he will achieve them.

Hilary’s art form comes through hair styles. Her personality and skills will make getting your hair cut healing, fun and an experience. She’s not just good at it, she’s AMAZING!

I remember when Zach was so spacey, you’d always have to keep your eye on him. Not anymore. He’s a grown, serving, young man with integrity and song writing skills.

Evan M, the boy with a heart of gold, has had his moments in recent years. But, the words that came out of his mouth in just the few brief minutes I had with him let me know, “Evan, the man, will do just fine.” Part of his destiny will be the faithful friend you can call any hour of the day when in need. He will be the poster child for the Good Samaritan one day, if he isn’t already.

Evan B, I’m pretty convinced will be the shocker of them all when it comes to transformation. When we talked about his heart to go into youth ministry, I was not talking to the awkward boy of yesterday but the God-honoring, reflective, man of today.

With Kyle, you will never meet a young man of his age more pure of heart. There is a stability he walks with that you just can’t quite put your finger on. He is about as steady as they come.

And when did the Wolfram boys go from toddlers to pre-teens…and Vanessa from a baby in my arms at the hospital to a lil cheerleader? It was so fun seeing them out on the football field. However, I know the days ahead for Don & Roxanne as the kids begin to enter middle school. How formative, how amazing…how rough! Just hold on Roxanne, the other side will be a sight to behold.

I could go on and talk about the amazing young ladies the Marzke girls are (I’m so jealous of their track and field skills and am stunned at how the two youngest have grown, all three are so very beautiful), the humor and intelligence that Corey still possesses, the beauty of Azaria… but I’m sure if I do I will leave someone out so I’ll stop.

Others post-party…
I absolutely loved hearing my nephew, Josh, talk about the passion he has for the Spyder. I haven’t seen that twinkle in his eye when it comes to serving in the sweet spot of his shape in awhile.

Seeing Trevor in his Penn football gear was way too fun. I could only stay for a few minutes so I didn’t get to see him play, but I know it’s nothin’ but passion on the field. But, I have a feeling someday you’ll find him the most happy catching waves oceanside on a surfboard.

Hearing Tristan say he is playing drums at the Elkhart campus made my heart smile. I remember the beginning days of Oasis where he led the band from behind the drums. Who does that? Like Scotty worships with his guitar, Tristan worships with his sticks. He’s a fun drummer to watch. I will always hold the late night talks with Karissa and him near and dear to my heart.

Seeing the incredible young woman my niece, Ashlyn, is becoming is amazing as well. She’ll graduate with two degrees in May – Biology and Psychology. I won’t hold it against her that they are from Purdue. She makes fun of my I.U. Accounting degree, but I’m ok with that as long as she makes more money than I do My starting salary out of college will be hard for her to beat. My salary in ministry…not so much. I wouldn’t miss her college graduation for anything.

This is way too long of post, but just thought you should know and, since I don’t journal, thought I should record it somewhere.