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The heart of our students

I’m cleaning my office.  It’s a tradition to have a clean office before I go on a week of vacation.  I’m 3 trash bags in and about 1/2 done.  I just came across what the students wrote the last time I preached in Oxygen.  

I asked “If you were transported to heaven and were face-to-face with Jesus…and only had time to ask one questions…what would it be?  Most of the questions you would expect…what is my life purpose, when will the world end, why do you allow sin in the world, etc.  But there were a couple that really got me…
1.  Why did you allow the terrible things in my life to happen?
2.  Jesus, could you give me a hug?
3.  Why did you take the ones I love away from me?
4.  Do you accept me for being gay?
5.  Can I come home to you Lord?
6  Does my dad have kids we don’t know about?
7.  If my dad knew that I was around, would he love me?
The thoughts and questions that are bouncing around in our students heads are important.  Are we giving them adequate time to voice them?

Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit

Get a play-by-play of Willow’s Leadership Summit on Rob’s blog here.

New Granger Series Trailer

GCC out did themselves with this new trailer. It’s incredible!

Ravi Zacharias

Great video post by Ravi Zacharias here. It’s got my brain on overload. Here is part of what I attempted to transcribe.

“The emergent church, at it’s core, lets the consumer be the definer of what is relevant and what is appropriate.

There is a point you have to be relevant. But it is Truth that makes relevance, relevant. Without Truth, relevance is irrelevant. So really you cannot strip anything of the Truth. They are focusing more on form than substance. So propositional truth is minimized, felt truth is maximized. How did this come about? Sometimes church preaching and communication got so out of touch with the listener, we hurt those who were already hurting, feed the pride of those already proud…and were just not meeting the needs of the people where they were. So there was a problem, but what they’ve done is sacrificed content in the process.

Jesus always questioned his questioners, to open them within their own assumptions and then determined the entry point of the discussion…but got them to the truth to where He wanted them to be. “Why do you call me good? There is nothing good but God? Are you calling me God? If you are calling me God, are you going to listen to Me?”

“Is it alright to play taxes to Caesar?” Jesus says, “You got a coin? Whose image is on this?” “Caesars.” Jesus, “Give to Caesar that which is Caesar, unto God which is God.” At this point, the questioner ought to have said, “What belongs to God?” Jesus would have said, “Whose image is on you?”

Jesus took people from where they were to bring them to where He is.

The emergent church is not that new. Some of it started in the Garden of Eden when the enemy of our soul said, “Has God really said…did God really say this?” Causing doubt on the propositional revelation of God. So, I think the Emergent church is flirting with a lot of danger. It is flirting with the obliteration of the revealed Word and making a felt reality, ultimate reality. My experience is not what is ultimately real. God’s Word is eternally true and I have to alter my way of thinking to conform to God’s Word, not the other way around.”

Spiritual Mothers and Fathers

Great post by Craig Groeschel on spiritual fathers here. It not a term that I heard much in the north or United Methodist church … not sure which was the reason, north or UM. Anyway, now that I’m in the South and at an AG church I here it all the time. While I’ve experienced many pros and cons on the complete denominational flip, it’s one of the things I’ve really grown to appreciate in the transition.