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Leavin’ on a jet plane

Leavin’ for Dallas at 6 a.m.

You know you’re close when…

You know you’re close to your big event when….

You can look at and the dates of your big event are in the 10 day forcast…77 and sunny baby! Lord Jesus, please make it so.

It Is Finished!

We are in a mad dash to get some product done before we leave for NYLC. The last 2 1/2 days I’ve been writing small group discussion guides for Jeanne’s DVD curriculum covering the sex chapters in her Uncensored book. It covers the topics you seldom, if ever, hear in the church world. I wrote 7 small group guides covering porn, homosexuality, lust, pre-marital sex, masturbation…yep, even that one….,God’s intent for intimacy and how to live a life of sexual and emotional purity. My discussion creating skills were diffently challenged, especially in the midst of all the other NYLC and Cadre prep going on those 2 1/2 days. There is now about a 4,000 pound weight off my shoulders. The titles you ask…

Guy Meets Guy, Girl Meets Girl
Solo Sex
The Dragon Of Imagination
Don’t Set Off The Fireworks
Chew And Spit Romance
Where Are You Getting Your Sex Education?
The Masterpiece
The List

I am a freakin’ idiot

So after I posted this morning, I jumped off and went into the sanctuary to pray with the MC students. Well not exactly “with,” we all pray individaully…some stand, some walk, some sit, some are in the balcony, some on the back row, some on the front.

Mornings are not usually my prayer time, but since I was up, I thought I’d join them. I think it was my first time in there at the same time this year. I was inspired and encouraged, yet at the same time told myself how dumb I was for not being more intentional about being in there at the same time as they are.

My boss champions me, so much so that when I told her how much I felt like an idiot, she tried to cover for me. She said, “Mornings are just not your most exciting hours. Your rhythm matters.” While she is sooo very much right, my desire to be with them and model for them trumps my hatred for those early daylight hours. Today, tomorrow and the next 2 1/2 months will be sponsored by the word “intentional.”

It’s 8:30 a.m. and I love that sound

It was actually a little before 8:30 just a few minutes. As I sat outside my office, I heard the sound of voices, laughter and all out fun. The MC students were pouring in for the day. It’s after 8:30 right now and as quickly as they came in, they are gone. They start their mornings here in the sanctuary in prayer. It’s a non-negotiable in this place, the time is set-aside, the time is given (of course once in the sanctuary, they have to choose how focused they are). I love this place! My mind just raced forward to the middle of June, when the sound of 80 plus students won’t be here for the summer…when it’s so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I dread those days. I’m not sure I could ever go back to business (youth ministry) as usual…go back to the days without MC or interns. The raising up of the next generation of church and business leaders is good for my soul. It brings life to these aging bones.

Just thought you should know

I have been starring at a screen for days, my eyeballs are about to burst into flames. T-15 days until game day! The question is can I cram 5 months worth of work into 15 days. Ummm…probably not, but giving it a shot.

On a side note, the day after the conference, at our Cadre reunion … it’s gonna be flippin’ sweet. Two days after that, I leave on a 5 day cruise. I’m ok with that.

Now Those Are Some Great Stats

Right now 112 of 269, 42% of first year Cadre members are coming to NYLC ’09 at the end of the month. Even better, 70 of 117, 60%, of second year Cadre members will join us. I can’t wait to see the numbers in regard to how many are connected to them. Once we get the data on those that used the Cadre Codes to register, I will give you an update. As I said a few months ago, the world has yet to see the impact Cadres can having on a conference…let alone the world. Multiplication at its finest.

Below is a picture of what God laid on my heart many months ago (I don’t say that lightly, for I know that’s a huge statement). It all started my last day of Oasis, when 1,066 middle school students and leaders squeezed in together for a roof top photo. Somehow that blob of people in 2 minutes accidently formed a picture where most people who see it say, “Did you try to make it look like the United States.” Ummm, no.