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10 Random Things Floating In My Head

1. Pastor’s (pastor’s don’t have first names in the south) mother passed away over the weekend. Her funeral was today. The funeral was very old skool and beautiful. Would loved to have known her.

2. Taught Life Lessons for second year Master’s students yesterday. Totally had a great time.

3. Learning about merchant accounts and payment gateways. Which word best describes this learning: cool, ugh!, confusing, expensive…all the above.

4. Leave for the Group conference tomorrow. We are taking a fun team of MC students with us…should be a blast. Jeanne’s breakout group is full and they are having to move people out. Cool problem. The team made 250 tokens for it last night. Word on the street has it they finished at 4:15 a.m.

5. Our new section of the store should be up next week. Brett did an amazing job! Him and his wife are the bomb.

6. Finalizing some details for our conference next month today. Nothing is as easy as it should be.

7. I have so much work to do today that I don’t think I will be going home tonight…it makes me sleepy just thinking about it.

8. The Kindle 2 is the coolest.

9. My cell phone has 8 messages on it and my office phone 13. I need to check them all and want to check none.

10. I’m tying this at my desk while I sit here in a dress…a rarity.

Kid In A Candy Store

Just got my new Kindle 2 today…way to go AMAZON…underpromise and overdeliver (I wasn’t supposed to get it until March). Gotta go play. Over and out.

Eight Secrets To Weight Loss

Me writing this post is a joke. It’s way too early for me to be writing about any “secrets.” But, just in case my theories work, I will risk writing prematurely. Why? In hopes that in some way, shape or form saying this out loud keeps me accountable. Also, because a friend asked me how I am doing it today. So, here you go…

1. Conquer the Dew. First, the departure from Diet Mountain Dew to Vitamin Water and G2 was a huge boost. It’s not a secret to weight loss (it actually adds calories), but it’s the CONQUERING OF THE MIND. No one in their right mind would think I would even attempt such a feat. Most of my closest friends would have told you Diet Mt. Dew ran through my veins, not blood. After I made the switch, I felt like I pretty much could conquer anything. Have I totally eliminated “soda” (you know, gotta adjust with the culture…in the south they don’t say “pop”)? Heck, no. I still love McDonald’s Diet Coke or a bottle of something. However, I drink one a day vs. a six pack of Diet Dew.

2. Comfort food. When I’m stressed, it truly releases the pressure valve a little. Today, was a great example. The work load is almost overwhelming right now. I anticipate it to be all through NYLC and the Cadre Reunion (i.e. April 2). I am a little addicted to the adrenaline rush, but when I’ve got so much work to do that I am almost paralyzed to do anything, comfort food helps. So, I indulge, but nothing like before. Today it was a pint of cookie dough ice cream, but that’s it for the next 4-6 days. However, if I want to, I will allow myself to sneak one of the little mini ice cream cones from Jason’s Deli when I eat there. It’s about 4 inches tall, but makes me feel like I beat the system. In the past, I think I tried to eliminate ALL junk food, which was stupid and increased the likelihood of feeling like a failure.

3. One meal a day. I know, you think that’s dumb and unrealistic. It would be if that’s all I ate, but I don’t. When the hunger pains hit at other times, I fill the gap with apple sauce, peaches, pickled beets (I know…weird, right?) and other vegetables. I hate, hate, hate salad (seriously, hate), so that’s not an option for me. In regard to the one meal, it’s whatever I want. I love Chinese, Jason’s Deli, Subway and McDonalds, so I eat it. If I denied myself of what I love, there is absolutely no way I would lose weight and ever have a chance of keeping it off. I know myself. In fact, the thought of going without the food I love made me not even attempt weight loss in the past. I don’t believe in the roller coaster methodology (i.e. starve yourself of what you love, lose the weight, start eating what you love again, only to gain the weight back), it depresses me to even think about it.

4. The reality of hunger pains. I guess I had not taken the time to ever realize this or maybe I just forgot, but you know when you’re so hungry you feel like you have to have food right now? You don’t. Sometimes if you drink something or do something, they go away without you realizing it. I don’t go a whole lot longer without eating anything because I do believe it’s your body’s way of talking to you, but I do wait a bit. Why? It’s that whole conquering the mind thing. If I eat the moment I feel hungry, my mind has a tendency to CREATE more of those “I’m hungry” moments before they really exist.

5. Delayed exercise. Last year when I tried to get more fit, I started with exercise and decided “I would adjust my eating habits later, after I got the ‘exercise thing’ down.” That was dumb. All that I did was gain two pounds. Sure I might have lost some fat and gained muscle, but looking at the scale ticked me off and I gave up. Just in the last couple of days I began walking again. But, I really needed the shot in the arm on the scale side first. Lowering food intake, at least for me, will always drop pounds faster. I’m smart enough to know I need both but also smart enough to know trying to start both at the same time is hard. Last year was a great attempt, but I just had the order backward, instead of exercise then less food, I needed less food then exercise.

6. Periodic motivation. I remember a line I heard Oprah make a few years ago, “food will never taste as good as how being thin feels.” The thought of giving it a shot, motivates me…so does watching a periodic summary of an episode of The Biggest Loser on I have no time for tv, but the little snippet of the episodes help.

7. I already know I will fail. I know I will fail a day here and there, maybe even two or three in a row. However, I’m determined not to let a day or two of failure result in me being a total failure at even trying. I’m bent on not beating myself up when I fail, but making the CHOICE to try, try again.

8. Sleep. I don’t even like to admit this, but I can’t deny it. The more you sleep, the more you lose weight. Lack of sleep leads to weight gain. This totally bites because I think sleep is overrated (I’d rather take 3 naps than sleep a long period of time), but it looks like I might be wrong. I literally can lose a pound if I sleep six consistent hours, even though most of the time it won’t totally stay off throughout the day. I find that both interesting and frustrating.

So, there you have it. I started to try and shed a few pounds around January 15 (a little late start to New Year’s Resolutions). I’m now up to 17 lbs. which is far more than my goal of one pound a week. I think the first few pounds have come off easily because they haven’t been there for that long. However, I think the next ones will be a whole lot tougher since I’ve carried them for years.

Only time will tell if this even remotely works and/or is sustainable. However, if I can do this during peak season when it comes to workload, I think I just might be on to something.


This week we made the final edits on Jeanne’s book. It’s brilliant in so many ways. The words, however, that stood out to me time and time again were: “choice”, “choose”, “chose”.

Choice is written 35 times in the NIV Bible
Choose 66 times
Chose 42 times

One of the most pointed verses that sticks like glue in my head is, “choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve”
(Joshua 24:15).

Among other things, life really is a series of choices. Choose wisely!

Today’s A Price Break Day

The freight train is rolling … we’re well over 1,000 registrants for the National Youth Leaders’ Conference and heading toward 2,000. What an honor! Big, big deal!

A Great Day

Today was AMAZING … long … but AMAZING!

10:30 – 12:00 JEANNE TIME
I started off by coming in early for Jeanne time (10:30 a.m. is early when you leave at 3:30 a.m.). It’s an hour and a half every Thursday morning that the MC students have with Jeanne, mostly focusing on a mix of character and leadership development. It was off the hook. One of the many profound things she said is…

“You want to be a leader who walks with such integrity and authentic love that it makes it hard for anyone to rebel against you.” Good stuff.

We closed by talking about NYLC. She asked Anne and I to talk at the end. More and more, I love the one word quick sermon/coaching session…followed by a few lines. My word today was INITIATIVE. In a nutshell, in the coming days we will be peddling just as fast as we can. Because even with NYLC coming up, we will still have church, Oxygen will still happen and Master’s Commission will go on in the midst of it all.

I challenged them to…
Take the initiative to fix a token that you see is messed up, even if you weren’t the one who made it (we’re about to head into token season for NYLC).
Take the initiative to flip off the lights given the economic crunch all around.
Take the initiative to bring the van seat left out in the rain back in.
Take the initiative to do things with excellence…to go the extra mile.

If you can get the initiative thing down, you will be a better employee, husband, wife, parent…


Jeanne talked about helping the ladies in your life be all they can be. Great stuff. The guys asked great questions.

3:00 – 3:30 SET UP A VOICESHOT
Reminded all the Cadre peeps that after tomorrow the price goes up for NYLC.


“Finding God when He feels far away” will hit the shelves at NYLC. It’s been a mad dash to get the editing done in time. As I drew stick figure after stick figure, all I could think of is “Mark Beeson could do sooo much better.” He’s the Stickman Master. I hope the artist who has to make sense out of all of our drawings does better than we did.

We entered the board room at 3:30 p.m and left at 1:30 a.m. Literally, we only came out to use the bathroom and watch the final run though of a human video for this Sunday at church.

Kindle 2

Some people buy Wii’s, some clothes, some cars…my toy of choice is the Kindle 2. Ordered it today, should get it in March.

It’s my reward to myself for shedding the 15 pounds I put on in the last 15 months. That works out to about $25 for every pound. I’m very generous to myself.