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Yellow River and a Mother’s Prayers

After a really late night of painting, I was up early this morning to go hang out with some middle school kids at Yellow River. Honestly, I don’t really want to know why it’s called Yellow River. It can’t be good.

Good times were had by all, but what I loved most was the coversation about Jesus. Junior Leonidas, one of our high school leaders, is annointed/gifted/not sure what you want to call it, but off-the-hook. Maybe I don’t know him well enough yet, but I’ve never met a high school kid like this one in all my years … no joke. I attribute his AMAZINGNESS to his parents. There are nine Leonidas kids and they are all incredible. I told his older sister that their mom should write a book. You can produce one great kid, maybe two, with a little love and luck … but to produce nine means you’ve got something going on that others need to know about. She began to tell me stories. The one that grabbed my attention is about their mom’s prayer life for her kids. The sister laughing talked about the times she would wake up with her head half saturated with annointing oil from her mother’s prayers the night before. Evidently their mom frequently prays over them while they sleep. Now maybe that sounds extreme, but if you met these kids, you’d have “buy in” for sure.

Anyway back to the conversation with Junior… he was talking about a Bible study Corey, our worship leader, had done that marked him. I asked him what Corey had said, partly because I was curious, mostly because I know if we reiterate something, it helps to seal it inside of us. Well, a couple of students were around when he was telling the story and it lead to an incredible conversation and questions about Jesus. Loved, loved, loved it.


Praying for Favor

The last couple days have been a whirlwind…

Thursday we were on a conference call with Cadre Epic and Richard Crisco. He is easily in the top five most Godly people I have ever met. He oozes Jesus like no other person I’ve ever known.

Thursday night we had a board meeting … where I am the “voice” for the Tabernacle’s financials. Vicky and Sobrina do all the work, I just am the financial interpreter. It’s definitely one of the places where I feel the favor of God. One of my 02 kids who has a dad on the board said to me the other day, “my dad says you’re really smart.” I told him that I wasn’t, but just work hard so it looks like I am. I remember Jeanne saying one day that she prays for favor with people … she must pray for her staff to have that same favor as well. I feel it.

Jordan and I were writing emails back and forth at 4 a.m. He was working on NYLC and the MC retreat and I was working on Cadre and this month’s Youth Leader’s Coach. It’s funny, most wouldn’t classify either of us as morning people … but really, we’re just REALLY early morning people. It sounds more noble than night owls, doesn’t it?

Today we were on the line with Cadre Litmus and Prestige where Jeanne was talking about conflict resolution. Her wisdom was billiant. I loved a couple of lines in particular … like “Don’t drop a bomb when a sling shot will work” and “We tend to rule overselves with our heart and other people with our head. We really need to reverse it and rule other people with our heart and ourselves with our head.”

In between the calls, we held a NYLC meeting and celebrated Jeanne’s birthday. Can’t say we don’t pack our day.

Tonight Cherry, Alisha, Tolu and I painted my new office a cool shade of green and gray … ok, the grey look more like white than grey, but oh well. I think painting on all those mission trips burnt me out on the whole thing. I will be glad when it’s done.

Tomorrow our 02 group is going to the river…should be fun…then more painting and moving stuff into place.

Sunday morning Cherry and I are hitting up either Northpoint or Jentzen Franklin’s church. Hopefully afterwards I will be able to knock out this month’s Source and YLC. They are AMAZING as usual … The Three Chairs and Seven Daily Success Rituals.

Monday we are off to the mountains for our week long staff retreat. REALLY looking forward to it … could use a change of scenery. Somehow before we leave at 9 a.m., I have to get a power of attorney signed, nortorized and sent off so we can seal the deal and close on my dad’s house. Should be interesting since I absolutely detest mornings.

Broken Records and Broken Wrist

The good news…we had record attendance at our 02 Small Group tonight.
The bad news…one of our little guys broke his wrist doing a back flip outside before service.

The other good news…the guy who cut off his toe last month put a shoe on that foot for this first time today. It was officially sown back on and is healing well.

A Time To Pray

Spent some time praying tonight, as always there is reason to talk to Jesus.

Tonight I talked to Jesus about Camp Adventure. A boatload of kids are there and, for many, if not all, it will change the trajectory of their very lives. Many will mark there spiritual journey by Camp Adventure July, 2008. I prayed the kids would have eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to feel. I prayed for the counselors to have enormous amounts of strength, courage, compassion, wisdom and love.

Tonight I talked to Jesus about Alissa and Nate. I was at their wedding in Pennsylvania this weekend. It was absolutely beautiful. They are newlyweds and in love, just beginning this journey called marriage.

Tonight I talked to Jesus about a friend’s home life … that restoration would occur … for if it doesn’t, a train wreck is inevitable and all will be left scarred … if not already.

Tonight I talked to Jesus about our week long staff retreat in the mountains just a few short days away. We need His dreams, His heart and His wisdom for the 80, 90 or 100 plus students that we will have an opportunity to breath life into beginning just a few short weeks away. We need a sense of urgency and awareness to be all and do all we can for the cause, for the Kingdom, for the King.

Tonight I talked to Jesus about my dad. The waves of grief are further apart but they still come. While driving, I seem to be hitting the steering wheel a lot less these days, for that I am grateful … and so is my car.

Tonight I talked to Jesus about those He put in my sphere of influence. I prayed for continued favor. They mean the world to me.

Finally, I talked to Jesus about my great niece Sarah … that she would grow up strong and a princess warrior for Jesus.

Going Once … Going Twice … Sold

Good news … my dad’s house is sold … even greater news … it will close within two weeks.

Bad news … it went too cheap … even worse news … what in the world will I do with my junk in less than two weeks. SNAP!

Bugaboo Creek Steak House … Good Times

Today we celebrated Vicky’s birthday (a little late since I was in Dallas last week) at Bugaboo Creek’s Steak House … great food, great company … two thumbs up. The dead heads of bison, moose, deer and whatnot made it a hunter’s dream. The fact that the bison talked was a definitely a bonus.

He Needed Some Help Up

Perry Noble had a great post here.