Mountain Top Experience

Pictures will follow, but right now I am sitting high up outside on the deck of what has to be a million dollar house/cabin overlooking the Smoky Mountains (I think that’s the mountain range). It is absolutely gorgeous. We are having what I call marathon sitting sessions planning Master Commission Atlanta’s 2008-2009 year. They are long, but every second is well worth it. So far, the ten MC and YLC staff have…

1. Reflected on what went right/well last year.
2. Talked about what we could improve upon.
3. Updated the handbook.
4. Talked about roles, responsibilities and expectations since we’ve had some staff changes.
5. Reviewed and discussed the budget.
6. Figured out all the “big rocks” when it comes to events and put them on the annual calendar.
7. Figured out 2nd and 3rd year portfolios (various assignments and roles).
8. Dreamed about and cast vision for the upcoming National Youth Leader’s Conference March 30 – April 1, 2009.
9. Put AC families together.
10. Figured out RA’s for the apartments.
11. Determined the weekly schedule and teaching blocks.
12. Ate four dinners that were to die for. Each team is trying to out do each other and those eating get to reap the rewards.

Last night Jordan lead devo’s and Nick worship. Both did an amazing job. Two of the questions Jordan asked were “How is love best shown to you (kind of like, what is your love language)?” and “What imprint or signature do you want to leave on the hearts of our students?” Words can’t express how “real” we got with each other.

I’m pretty excited about the upcoming year, there is a new level of unity in the team and a strong desire by all to be more than friends, but family.

I’m going to go hang out with Jesus, later my friends. I love you.


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