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Southern Accent

While I’m trying … I don’t think I will ever get used to southern accents.


A Bee’s Haven

When I got back from Easter I was telling Jeanne how it must of rained yellow dirt while I was gone … my car was covered. She laughed and said that’s not dirt, that’s pollen. Glad I don’t have allergies!

Never Saw That Before

I was working late and took a break to look out the window and walks by a FOX! Seen pictures, but never one upclose and personal. Don’t know why I shared that, but a fox in the city seemed unique to me. Do foxes bite?

You Know You Are Tired When…

I’m one of those people who doesn’t need much sleep … in fact, one of the MC students introduced me to his mom this week saying this is “Judy, she’s awesome…she’s has this superpower that enables her to go without sleep.” Anyway, while that was an exaggeration, it was funny this weekend. I pulled a really, really late nighter on Thursday night. So on Friday, I laid down to take a nap at 7 p.m., just needed to close my eyes for a few. When I woke up, it as 9 … so my blurry vision thought, after a few seconds I realized it wasn’t 9 p.m., but actually 6 a.m. So much for my superpower.

Source and Youth Leader’s Coach

It’s late and I got to get on home … but Jeanne’s Source, HOME SWEET HOME, and Youth Leaders’s Coach, 15 THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU ARE BORED WITH YOUR OWN YOUTH SERVICE are ready for FED-EX!

An Encouraging Word Can Make Your Day Better!

It was just an “ok” day until I got this email from a friend I think the world of back home…

Just wanted to give you a shout out. Was going to comment on your blog (which, btw, I love), but decided to shoot you an email instead.

Sorry I missed you this weekend. Thought I might catch you after the noon service (hey, my spies are everywhere). I’ve been thinking a lot about how much of an impact you’ve had on my life. It seems like I’m constantly running into situations where I hear your words of wisdom echoing in my head!

The one that has really come into play a lot lately is “When kids come to us with a problem, they usually aren’t looking for an answer. What they need from us is an ear, a hug, and a prayer.”

Don’t know if it’s a coincidence, or if it’s the direction God is taking my ministry, but it seems like lately I’ve had a lot of kids that have come to me with stuff going on in their life. That use to freak me out, because my default mode is to think I have to be the “Answer Guy” and solve the problem, which is just way too much to expect.

Now, though, I hear you saying that, and I just take a deep breath and focus on really hearing them and letting them know I’m there with them in that moment. It is amazing how much of a difference that seems to make for them. It makes me determined to be even more intentional about communicating that I have time for them, that I want to be there.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and love you. You are a blessing! I was just talking to some kids this week and they were saying how much they miss you.

When you’ve made an impact on someones life, even in small ways, and see it ripple out further, it’s a cool thing.

Thank you my dear friend for making my day!

Cadre Legacy Reunion and Randomness

Mind dump…

Jeanne and I spent time on the way home from lunch at the Atlanta Bread Company planning for Cadre Legacy’s Reunion. So far, I’ve only been apart of pulling off what someone else has planned. This is my first opportunity to be on the brainstorming side. It’s been good times. She’s brilliant … Dave’s brilliant … hopefully, one day too, I will become brilliant … just kidding. We’ve got some pretty cool stuff planned. Pray for sunshine and the 25-30 youth pastors that will be apart of it, may it be refreshing to their souls.

One year from tonight, our NYLC conference will be history … over, completo. I told Jeanne that we need to make sure we take time to do a victory dance the night afterwards and eat at PF Changs. Way too often, I finish one thing and rush onto the gazillion other things that piled up while I was doing the one thing. I’m absolutely horrible at taking the time to celebrate the win and give Jesus thanks. She texted back and said they took 3 days off after the conference in 05 and even ate at PF Changs … score! Pray that we seal the deal on a few things so we can move forward in a couple of other areas so thousands of youth pastors will have the opportunity to be encouraged and trained. Pray that you and I both take the time to celebrate God grace, mercy and victories before moving onto the next thing.

I spent Easter weekend at home. GCC’s glow stick viral weekend rocked. My sister and her husband spent hours sanding and refinishing their hardwood floors. Mental note to self: stick with carpet. It was fun watching them work together though. I got to see my great niece. She’s the cutest. I miss her … and, of course, the rest of my fam and friends too. Karen, Hilary, Wendy, Tammy, Blake, the amazing Ekema sisters and I made Easter Baskets for the YWCA again … 42 of them and they were jammed packed. It’s like the fourth year running. It reminded me of the importance of traditions. As I do youth ministry, I need to remember that more often … traditions mark you, especially when they involve serving. I’m making some great new friends her in the ATL. It’s been fun, but I forgot how long it takes for lasting friendship to take root. Pray for traditions in my family and yours.

It was a great night at Oxygen. Dave knocked it out of the park talking about amnesia … our forgetfulness and need to remember. I sat with a 6th grade girl who lives at some kind of boarding school (I don’t think it’s necessarily the good kind). Her name was Holly. I wish you could hear some of the stories of the kids in this youth ministry, it’d rip you up. I love doing ministry here, but wish I had more time. In the next few days, I hope to take my Mexico mission team to downtown Atlanta to work with Church on the Street again. Pray that our hearts would not grow numb to the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual pain locally and globally.

It was just the home team tonight, MC is on Spring Break. I miss the “MC hallway dwellers” (that’s what I call them at lunchtime when there are a bunch of them sitting in the hallway on their laptops). They really light up my days with smiles and laughter. I can’t imagine this summer when we are going to have to do life without them. The good news is that there will be even more next year. Interviews are ahead for next year, pray the right ones are selected for whatever reason God might intend.

Looking forward to Friday. I’m going to spend some long needed qualtiy time with Jesus on Stone Mountain. I’ve got the itch to write again. It’s supposed to be sunny and 77. Sun, Stone Mountain and 77 are good for my soul. Pray for the stuff swirling in my head.

Pray for the 20 I’m taking to Back2Back in Mexico in 2 1/2 weeks. We’re going to serve the poor, but the reality is that a bunch of them are poor and finances are tight. In faith, I fronted some of the money … pray that they work hard on their spring break and people are beyond generous.

This post is too long … thanks for listening … and praying!