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Most Hilarious Speaker Intro Video EVER!

Ok, so I don’t know how to upload YouTube videos, but here is a hilarious video intro they did for Jeanne at the conference she was at in California last weekend. They said it took four days to shoot and edit.


MC Atlanta 2008-2009

Tomorrow is a big, big day at the Tabernacle. Nearly 100 potential students from across the nation will converge onto the campus to check out Master’s Commission Altanta for next year. Our 95 current students and staff have been working hard to prepare for this two day event. Right now as I type, Sterling has 30 videos rendering in the que (whatever that means). All who apply will not make it. Between first, second and third year students, Jeanne’s pretty committed to not letting it explode or implode. While not set in stone, over the next few years she thinks she will cap out at 150 per year. She’s pretty bent on not letting anyone fall through the cracks. However, with the systems she has in place, I’m pretty confident that could never happen.

After living MC ATL for seven months, I stand in awe of what is offered here. Seriously, it’s ministry training at its finest, but first and foremost the staff is dedicated to character development. I think that is what sets it apart from most training programs I’ve seen. They don’t want their charisma to take them to a place their character can’t keep them.

What I do on the side

When you are apart of a smaller (1,000 compared to 5,000) and less affluent church (let’s just say inner city Atlanta is no Granger, Indiana), each person wears a few more hats. So, in addition to doing junior high and Youth Leader’s Coach (Cadre, developing product, website, editing resources, conferences, etc.), I oversee the technical arts and accounting departments. It’s not hard, I just lend some of my management and leadership skills that way. However, I realized this week I wish I had a few more hours in the day. I kind of still like the accounting stuff.

I developed the budget and presented it to the board Thursday night, in addition to giving them some thoughts on how to cut 5% off expenditures (probably not a big deal up north, but a big, big deal down here). With the exception of Jeanne, all businessmen … mostly in suits. I think a few of them might of been pleasantly surprised at what I picked up here and there back home, along with my years in auditing. I got a round of applause when I was done. That was awkward and cool at the same time. They were a great group of guys with a huge heart for the local church. Loved it!


Just came off the Cadre Epic’s Ladies Breakaway. In addition to doing two two-day Cadre Advances for youth pastors in the mentoring program each year, Jeanne does an additional two-day Cadre Breakaway for their wives (if the Cadre member is a male) and the female Cadre members.

It was a ton of fun, especially when we had a problem with the upstairs bathroom and water came down through the light fixtures into the kitchen … it wasn’t pretty water either if you know what I mean. But, the plumber came and all was good within an hour or two while we continued on. In the meantime, the Master’s Commission students who were serving didn’t skip a beat. They shut off the lights in the kitchen, moved the food and lit some candles. They are learning how to dance in the rain of adversity when difficulties come their way. It was quite the snapshot.

My main takeaway is that people need help navigating this thing called MARRIAGE. As a single person, most would think I would have been bored to tears during the Q & A where most of the questions centered around marriage. However, I wasn’t bored, just PROUD. Proud that while throwing another two-day breakaway into the mix is quite the challenge, the benefits are HUGE. I am pretty convinced that she saved some marriages last night, at a minimum gave others a shot in the arm. She spoke candid, straight up truth on tough, tough questions (some would make you blush). The reality is marriages within the walls of the church are struggling everywhere. And since, in many respects, things flow from the top down … if we can equip youth pastors and their wives on how to navigate the waters of marriage, then maybe it will ripple on downward.

It was a great couple of days. Master Commission Atlanta Experience (for 18-22 years interested in the MC ATL) is next week and Cadre Litmus and Prestige Ladies Breakaway the week after that … with a weekend home in between, more great days ahead.

Great Quotes from One Night with the King

1. Scene: Esther being given necklace…
“Like you, its true treasure etched within.”

2. Scene: Vault where jewelry is stored and ladies get to pick.
“How is one to choose when they know not what impresses the king. Will you teach me?”

3. Scene: After she reads to him and tells the story of Jacob, he shows her the sculpture he is working on.
He says, “His arms will hold the bow, his arrows tipped with love.”
She says, “Some archer’s arrows are tipped with poison my lord.”
He says, “Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference, the symptoms are the same.”

4. Scene: Jesse wants her to leave, she refuses.
“Perhaps instead of asking questions of our trials, trials are meant to ask questions of ourselves.”

5. Scene: Esther’s time before the king.
“I was taught that when you visit a king rather than expect a gift, one should bring one to lay at his feet. (Gives necklace) This is my most valuable possession in the world. It is my past, present and future … and all of it is yours.”

“If it is for sale, it is not love.”

“The only gift I will accept is your heart.”

6. Scene: Talking to Jesse and Hagar at night in her bedroom, right before she goes to the king.
“Who knows whether you have come to the palace for such a time as this.”

“David’s victory came not because he fought well but because he believed well.”

7. Scene: Last one at the banquet.
(Regarding necklace) Very identity etched within me.

I saw the stars.

I stopped counting at 600

It’s 11:09 p.m., there is little snow on the ground. It’s 31 degrees outside. My heart is heavy.

Over 600 churches have cancelled their services tomorrow, some big dawgs like North Point and Perimeter. It’s actually a lot more, I just stopped counting at 600 … but, hey Wal-Mart’s still open. There’s a sermon in there somewhere. I wonder what the heroes of the faith think about that. (I know, I know … Atlanta doesn’t have salt trucks … blah, blah, blah)

More Weather

I know posts about weather get old, but I am totally getting a kick out of this. We are under a “Heavy Snow Warning.” A warning mind you, not a watch. All the fuss … there is a potential for 2-4 inches (whcih I do know why it’s a big deal with not much in the way of snow removal equipment). Seriuosly, I wonder if there is a run on shovels, snow brushes, milk and bread. I better go bundle up, after all it’s 37 degrees.