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Warsaw Community Church

There’s a great baptism video from Warsaw Community Church here. Looks like their baptism was rained out big time! They definitely did an amazing job with Plan B … maybe could of used a little deeper pool, but then again how often do you set up a pool in the sanctuary. Loved the video Scott! Definitely dug the way the people said the words to the song.


I’m A Great Aunt

Sarah Gregory was born tonight. Weighing in at 5 lbs 6 ounces. She’s just slightly over a foot and half tall (aka 19 inches). Absolutely cannot wait to see her!


Left for Tulsa on Sunday and came home Monday. Let’s just say it was eventful – both in good and bad ways. Delta in the ATL is not winning any awards in my book when it comes to Customer Service. It was good that Jeanne made a last minute trip to Houston; otherwise, she would have never made it to her speaking engagement. I was supposed to meet up with her in Tulsa before her session, but it was not to be – two hours afterwards, I arrived. First flight was cancelled, then thunderstorm delay, and then a late arriving connection.

Crashed and got up for her chapel session, before heading off to a meeting with a youth pastor and his team, then lunch with the youth pastor and his wife, then back to the airport for another two hour delay. Upon leaving the airport, I realized I left my Uncensored book where I made all my filming notes for some small group curriculum in the back of the seat pocket … ugh! I have, let’s say, about a zero percent chance of getting it back. If I do, I will so eat my words.

Was it worth it? Yep, here’s why…

1. We were at Billy Joe Daugherty’s church. They just moved into their 34 million dollar building debt free. I thought that was pretty amazing. I didn’t get a chance to meet the pastor, but Jeanne says he’s one of the humblest guys she’s ever met.
2. They had a screen that was 59’ wide. It was stinkin’ huge.
3. It was fun to meet Adam and Ruth Sanders, the youth pastors. Amazing, wonderful people who will be joining us in the Cadre this fall.
4. Jeanne and I have been running so hard and fast, we really haven’t had time to talk…and laugh. We stayed up way too late for the 6:15 a.m. wake up call.
5. We had a great time dreaming on the flight home about the opportunities before us. We also talked heart issues that occur when you leave one ministry and move on to another. Her four decades of experience has left her brilliant.
6. I saw the outside of Church on the Move’s “180” multi-million dollar youth facility. From what I’m told, the youth ministry size has shrunk enormously from Blaine Bartel days. Goes to show you it’s not all about the “stuff.” If you don’t have the right people doing the right things, all the bling in the world isn’t going to help.
7. I’ve never been to Oklahoma before. Who wouldn’t want to go to Oklahoma? While I was there I thought of Kara and her play.


Upon my arrival home from Tulsa Oklahoma, my new MotoQ was waiting for me. It looks a little more sophisticated than my cheap Razor. They are “text” crazy here in the ATL and I’m “text” illiterate. My young couterparts can write a whole paragraph by the time I get the first word done. However, now with the full keyboard, I’ll show them what lightening fast looks like 🙂 Fun stuff.

An Unforgettable Picture

Seldom, if ever, have I seen a picture that instantly brought tears to my eyes. You can read some of the story behind it here.

Two Weeks Back and MySpace

A great friend and former youth pastor, Scott Greene, went back to high school for two weeks last year and has posted some MUST READ advice for parents here. Scott is at Warsaw Community Church in Warsaw, IN.

I’m officially on myspace. Based on Marko’s blog, it’s preferred over facebook for my ATL demographic.

The Famous You Tube Video of the Marine

Ok, never mind the title, this rap can preach. It has over 443,000 views.