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Today in church we had a guest speaker by the name of Dr. John Bosman. He did a great job. He was talking about Going over to the Oher Side. The passage he used was at the end of Mark 4 where Jesus has the disciples go to the other side of the lake and in the process they hit a storm and He calms it. Here were some of the points.

There was and is a purpose. The Other Side is the Promise Land of Provision. However, to get there you have to lift the anchor, untie the boat or cut the rope of where you are to where you’re supposed to be. You’ll have to get out of your comfort zone.

If you want to get something you’ve never had you are going to have to do things you’ve never done.

You can’t get to your future destiny anchored in yesterday. Forget the past and what parents did or didn’t do, said or didn’t say, leaders did or didn’t do… Cut the hurt, pain and failure, even victory and success (wish you would seen when ….) Bitterness can grow like cancer.

Do something that will disturb all of Hell and bring all of Heaven to its feet.

Even though Jesus told them to go to the other side, they still faced a storm. You can be in the center of God’s Will and still hit a storm. In fact, you’ll face more storms than you ever thought. Satan attacks those who are next in line for a promotion. If Jesus commands you, He will pull you through. Storms of life aren’t meant to destroy us but to give us a fresh revelation of who God is.



Youth Leader’s Coach Podcast #1 – The Launch is finished. The goal is to have it available for all within the next two weeks. Jeanne, Jodan, Alex, Dave and I are on it talking about Jeanne’s new book – Uncensored about Friendships, Dating and SEX. I’ve read three chapters and guarantee you that there is no book out there like it. It’s … one word … DIRECT! Some of the chapter titles will crack you up.

Leaders are Bleeders

Leaders are bleeders! If you want to lead you have to be willing to bleed. The world is looking for peoople who are willing to pay the price.

That was one of the quotes that stuck in my head yesterday when I was on a conference call with Dr. Samuel Huddleston, the Assistant Superintendent of the North California and Nevada District of Assemblies of God. The topic of the month was “How to more effectively minister to African American youth.”

You could tell that it was a subject matter that the predominately white youth pastors on the line wanted to discuss but never really had an opportunity to talk about out loud.

He began by making it clear that in some areas of the country you can’t be diverse. If you live in a town that is predominately white, you might not be able to become racially diverse but maybe you should focus on being economically diverse … you probably have some poor people. A couple other key points he hit on…

It’s not about the color of skin but our sin.

If you’re not doing well on diversity, take a look at your leadership team. What color/gender/etc. are they? Be HONEST when it comes to building your team. Tell them what you are trying to do. But personally, just be yourself … don’t try to conform to try and fit in. People, in particular kids, can tell a fake.

People will follow where the leaders lead. Be intentional about building relationships with people who are different than you.

Don’t harp on race. But when racial issues pop their ugly head up, deal with them.

Once again, you have to be intentional. When you get serious, it becomes painful. It takes relationship.

He told a great story of about how two of the largest campus groups in the state were being run by woman, but the only woman on the leadership team that gave oversight for the state was taking notes. He asked “why?” When they didn’t give a good enough explanation, he got the women’s numbers and made it happen.

When dealing with racism, he gave a great idea on how to bring it up in such a way that people get it. Instead of just talking about a particular color of skin like black and white, he said have some kids share about negative experiences they have had being a man, woman, black, white, etc. Take it beyond race. After a couple of people share their story, ask the question “Now, what can we do about it?”

Give permission for people to tell you if you do something wrong or offend them. When we’re honest and talk face to face then we can deal with it.

It’s not about you … you’ve been called to lead the parade, not be the parade.


So Jeanne records her first podcast tomorrow, based on research here are a few things she needs/might want to try…

· Need techno, rock style or digital juice and tag line
· Need transition music, so that you can divide it up
· It’s ok to mention the website two or three times
· Interviewing people seems to be a nice trend
· Record everything, then play clips and talk about them
· Talk about current events
· Use lots of humor
· Have some kind of mailbag (i.e. way for listeners to ask questions)
· Play music/song every once and awhile
· Maybe a competition of some sort before NYLC or when Uncensored comes out.
· Some podcasts you can’t fast forward or rewind. It’s very annoying.
· Close with the same or different tag line and theme music

I loved Catalyst’s podcast, but Relevant’s wasn’t for me (however, it has 30,000 listeners so it must be for someone). I thought they did a great job with the most recent Countdown to Innovate. I laughed at the use of Bart Simpson’s voice on the #1 Catholic Podcast – Daily Breakfast.

Thanks Karen for your help with this! You rock friend! Hang in there, that wrist is almost healed!

Spaghetti Junction in Atlanta

I live about a mile from this intersection in Atlanta. It’s known as the Spaghetti Junction. I’ve been driving it less a month and have figured out one thing for certain. I’m grateful I go south on 285 East in the mornings. I wouldn’t want to be going the other direction, nor would I want to have to get on 85. That would be a new definition of traffic jam nightmare. I think the average rate of speed going those directions is 5mph…maybe, some days I don’t think they go that fast!

Today’s Top Podcast

Youth Leader’s Coach is launching a podcast within the next two weeks, so I was asking Kem the 411 on what she knew about great podcasts. Among some brilliant advice, she encouraged me to take a stroll through the top ones and see what I could learn from them… “after all they are number one for a reason.” If you’re curious, the top twenty-five today in the category of “Religion & Spirituality” are below…

1. Joel Osteen Audio Podcast – Joel Osteen
2. Joel Osteen Video Podcast – Joel Osteen
3. Joyce Meyer Radio Podcast – Joyce Meyer Ministries
4. North Point Ministries – Andy Stanley
5. Desiring God Sermon Audio – John Piper
6. Mars Hill Bible Church – Mars Hill Bible Church
7. Insight for Living – Church Swindoll
8. Nooma – Rob Bell
9. Focus on the Family – Dr. James Dobson
10. 1 Year Daily Audio Bible – Brian Hardin
11. InTouch – Dr. Charles Stanley
12. Zencast
13. Let My People Think – Ravi Zacharias
14. Living on the Edge – Chip Ingram
15. The Relevant Podcast – Relevant Magazine
16. Mosaic – Erin McManus
17. Mars Hill Church Sermon – Mark Driscoll
18. Joyce Meyer TV Podcast – Joyce Meyer Ministries
19. Truth for Life Broadcast – Alistair Begg
20. Creflo Dollar Ministries – Dr. Creflo Dollar
21. Renewing Your Mind – Dr. R.C. Sproul
22. Hillsong Church – Hillsong Church Sydney
23. The Village Church – Matt Chandler
24. Joyce Meyer TV Audio Podcast – Joyce Meyer Ministries
25. A New Beginning – Greg Laurie

I find it interesting that Joyce Meyer is in there rippin’ it up. Joel Osteen actually came in #13 for all podcasts.

Mark Beeson Wisdom

Great wisdom from a brilliant senior pastor here! Don’t miss it!