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Camp Adventure Week 1 – The Greatest Place on Earth

I’ve been without the internet the last few days and it’s driving me crazy. Took a few minutes and got caught up today. Word has it from the campers that Camp Adventure 07 was amazing as always. If you want to see some of the coolest highlights EVER go to Corey’s blog…great, great stuff.


Who is yours?

So, my new boss (that sounds weird) and I have been conversing back and forth via email and phone. On her last email, she signed it “Your #1 Cheerleader”. It meant a lot to me and I’ve have been thinking about it. I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone needs to have a #1 cheerleader in their life. In particular, one who is a few steps ahead of you on your faith journey and/or profession of choice, etc. Think about it. Who has got your back and is in your corner like no other? Outside of your parents/spouse, who is your #1 cheerleader? Better yet, outside of their parents/spouse, who are you the #1 cheerleader for?

My next question is how many people can you authentically do that for? In small ways, I tried to be that for three friends today. I think people would say Jesus did it for twelve and we’re not Jesus. However, if you look at Jesus’ life, I think He did it for a whole lot more than just the disciples – Martha, Mary, woman at the well, Zacchaeus, Nicodemus, etc.

Reality is setting in…and reality is good!

Today my heart started beating fast when I learned my new address in Atlanta (it’s a sweet apartment near 85 and 285) and received my new email address ( I am totally stoked about my move, but am not looking forward to all the junk I have to sort through. I’ve got two weeks to git-it-done, so that should buy me a little time. My first day on the job will be July 2, three days later I will be on the beach in Florida brainstorming with the gang for the fall…a rough life I will lead 🙂

I ran hard at GCC right up until the end. John, Ang and I just finished (2:30 a.m.) finalizing all the camp stuff. While I’m heading south, my roots run deep and my ties to Michiana will always be strong. Great days are ahead…for all of us.

It’s a New Day

So what do you do when you’ve sold your house and you have a little extra cash on your hand? Here are a few of my choices…
Get some dental work done that you’ve wimped out on for years (this week)
Do the lasik thing (Monday)
Buy a 17″ Mac laptop (I’ve had it with unfixable crudy laptop PC’s, I’m up for something new)
Buy a house (I haven’t decided for sure on this one, but where I’m moving you get a lot more house for your buck)

Oasis Wednesday Night

Wednesday night was nothing other than a miracle only God could have provided. The weather was absolutely perfect for inflatable city. The band did really well, Corey’s Clash of the Champion video rocked, Dave’s year-end video was amazing and bounced around with scores of middle school faces, Johnny had them leaping, my Leaps of Faith message engaged them and, of course, the giveaways were cool. Having Mark and Rob there made it all the more special.

It was a total team effort. The coolest thing was seeing our leaders lead. They are truly my heroes. Faithful is the number one word I’d use to describe them. So many of them have been with me for over five years, some nearly ten. It’s truly remarkable. I’ve been blessed beyond measure. When the numbers came in, the first thought was that of gratitude for the scores of friends who spent their Friday afternoon with me putting labels on Jeff’s postcards so that just one more might hear. Well, 300 more than expected show up. What a way to go out! In all my years, I will never forget it!

Jesus, thank you!

Last 2006-2007 Oasis

It was a great night! I am bone tired. Final Count 1066 middle school students and leaders.