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Promo Video for Oasis

Corey did a fun video to promo the Chicago 07 mission trip this summer. You can see it here.


They are so much better than back in the day

Just got back from watching Ashley Lutz, Taylor Lutz and Alex Morton play basketball at MBA and ND … they are off the hook. I don’t ever remember girls playing that well back in the day. Last year at camp when they beat the guys at lunch, I thought it was a combo of skill and luck. After seeing them play, it was all skill baby. AMAZING. As of now both teams are undefeated this weekend! I hope they take the championship for their respective age divisions.

Last night I went and saw the 6th and 8th grade Schmucker bands and the 8th grade Discovery band play at Penn. Once again, I was stunned. I actually expected my ears to be bloodied after the event, but the bands totally rocked. In between band performances, we took in the 8th grade Schmucker Cinderella play (the other half of the 8th grade did Aladdin last week). Watching Ashley play the role of the wicked step-sister and CJ dance was a hoot. The whole class did incredibly well, but the sound system did not do them justice. I hope they get that fixed. The kids worked so hard and did so well, then to have the sound constantly crackle or inaudible made me want to scream.

People Must Have Thought I Was Insane

Just got back from the wrestling meet … Discovery vs. Grissom … where people must have thought I was nuts. One minute I was cheering for Grant on the Grissom team and the next minute I was cheering for Jerrod on Discovery’s team. At one point Knute went up against Ryan. Zowee…tough stuff. Got a chance to talk with Knute afterwards, he’s a pretty amazing guy. If you look up good sportsmanship in the dictionary, you’ll see Knute’s picture next to the definition. In the end, it came down to the final match when Joe (Grissom) pinned his guy in nothing flat. Great guys, good times.

Division + Drama = Draining

I hate division and drama, it wipes me out. I think Satan’s number one goal in life is to get Christians to lose sight of the real enemy and shoot arrows at each other. He’s doing a pretty good job in a couple of situations with people whom I love dearly. I’m hoping prayer and communication will clear the air. We need to guard each others hearts, have each others backs and cheer each other on.

Schmucker Middle School Play

Went with the amazing Jeanna Trip to see a handful of our students in the Schmucker Middle School play. Turns out we saw a few dozen of them. Wow, I think half of Oasis’ Schmucker students were in or at the play. They did a great job despite the fact that the star broke his foot two weeks ago. You could tell students were having a good time. I know Jeanna and I did.

Afterwards Jeanna’s comment to me was priceless. She said, “Judy you could tell it meant a lot to them that we were there.” Thats one, among many of our leaders, who truly “gets it”. I love it!

This week was the Jimtown/John Young basketball game and Schmucker school play, next week is the Grissom/Discovery wrestling match and middle school band extravaganza at Penn.


Went to see my pal Kelsey’s basketball game tonight and it turns out she’s playing Chelsea and Rebeccah’s team. Ugh, now that’s just cruel. Chelsea brings the ball down the court and who does she go up against? None other than Kelsey. Who am I supposed to cheer for? Huh?
The Jimtown Jimmies took the game tonight over John Young. It was fun hanging out with Kelsey’s mom. She’s a riot. Good times. Good times. While I was there I did get to show off my basketball wound. Two days into playing basketball and I already have a injury, what is that? My poor little pinkie is bruised and swollen. Looks kind of like a purple popsicle. I love showing it to people and hearing the “Ewww, what did you do?” I didn’t know I enjoyed sympathy so much, even if it’s just for my poor little pinkie.

Ruth – The Band

Corey “the Mann” hooked Oasis up with a band on Wednesday night. Warning…Good Times Ahead!