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Flip that house in 7 days

I’ve been frantically running to and fro…trying to get my home ready to sell in hopes that I could purchase this sweeeeeeeeeeeet home in Savannah Pass. It’s awesome. Unfortunately the buyer and I are about fifteen grand apart on the price. Fortunately, the builder thinks he can rebuild it cheaper than I could buy the one I want. That would be cool since the super sweet house has CREAM carpet and FLAT paint on the walls, not good for youth ministry.

This is the stuff that’s been done to my house in the last 7 days…
Bathroom tile replaced
Bathroom toliet fixed
Yard cleaned
Garage cleaned
Garage door opener fixed (not bad after 4 years of being broken)
Furniture in 5 rooms rearranged
Wall paper stripped in the kitchen
Kitchen painted
Hutch painted
Every square inch of kitchen cleaned
New flooring put in the kitchen (I did that myself, I’m so proud)
New trim put in the kitchen
Every ounce of trim cleaned in house (after 15 years, admittedly gross)
Trim painted in living room and hallway – TWICE
Living room and hallway painted – including ceiling and doors
Various holes patched
Carpet cleaned
…and the list goes on!

The good news is that boatloads helped.
Thanks Sherri, Mom, Dad, Mike, Loretta, Kyle, Karen, Hilary, Zach, Evan, Carole, Wendy, Naomi, Jeanna, Ruby, Jeremy, DC and Brooke…and scores of others. Thanks guys, you made the impossible…possible.