Box Score for Camp Adventure 2006

22 Accepted Jesus into his/her heart for the first time.
160 Recommitted his/her life to Jesus.
4 Learned a lot, but haven’t made a decision to follow Jesus yet.
8 Had an amazing time.
2 Not present at commitment night due to a baseball game (ugh!!)
196 Students Total

I’m grateful for many things at camp this year.
1. We go to a church where the gospel is presented very clearly a number of times a year. Way back in the day you would have seen a higher number of students who accepted Jesus into his/her heart for the first time at camp and a lower number of recommitments. I love the progress we’ve made in recent years to be very intentional about leading people to Christ and helping them to remember exactly when by marking the moment through the bridge, rocks at the cross, signing their name on the last supper pic, etc.
2. Being led by an amazing senior pastor…seriously, his wisdom…words cannot express. He’s been directing Camp Adventure for nearly four decades…yes, you read that right, decades. The fact that he’s passing the baton off to the three of us – Corey, John and I – is a privilege and honors that, once again, words cannot express.
3. Rockin’ both weeks with the Mann and Keimster. I am grateful. My prayer is that our stance on top of the blob tower (forming a triangle, having each others back) be not only a symbol of today, but things to come.
4. The week with Rob, who infused his passion in me for Jesus years ago. I owe you a lot brother. I am who I am today because of your faith in me over a decade ago. Thanks for being a Joshua.


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