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Looked at a house today – small and clean with a killer yard. I want it, but will probably refrain from buying it. Turns out a pastor lives on one side and a “confirmed bachelor” lives on the other. I’m not sure why the seller used the words “confirmed bachelor” over the phone when I called for an appointment to see the house, but I thought it was pretty funny (I’m not thinking it was prophetic at this point). I told Johnny I was going to check it out yesterday afternoon and his response was “What the house or the bachelor?” I thought that was pretty funny too. Good one John:)


Under the Overpass

After hangin’ out with Kurt Salierno, who chooses to spend three nights on the streets of Atlanta each week, I picked up this book. It’s a good easy read. It’s talks about the adventure and learnings of two middle class guys, Mike and Sam, who chose to live on the streets as homeless men for five months.

627 students and leaders – it was a party!

My last time with the 8th grade students was incredible. I love and will miss them dearly. The last three years was an awesome journey. There’s nothing better than middle school ministry!

The first “official” time with the incoming 6th grade students. I’m looking forward to getting to know them. I’ve met a number of them already and they seem incedibile.

I’m excited to get to spend one or two more years with the incoming 7th and 8th grade students. Let the party continue!

Cadre Promo

I’ve been a part of a mentoring program with Jeanne Mayo, affectionately known as the Cadre, over the last 9 months. While 95% of the time my life is very, very, very good, there are times I feel alone on an island as a female youth pastor. In addition to Jeanne sharing her incredible wisdom and ideas, I’ve meet some of the most authentic, caring people ever by being a part of the Cadre. If you’re a youth pastor (male or female) find out more info about the Cadre here. In addition to having an incredible Home Team here at Granger, it’s great to connect with others in the trenches of youth ministry outside our four walls.

What in the World?

Don’t you wonder what’s going through this poor pony’s/horse’s mind?

More Cool Hungry2Serve Pics

I caught a fish!

Judy can’t catch them in Georgia or Colorado, but she can in good ol’ Michigan. Here’s the pic to prove it. The fact that it’s only a quarter of an inch long does not negate the fact that I caught a fish!

Johnny’s shocked (not really, I just liked the pic).